December 11, 2008

The Guardian Poem Of The Week

Naomi Foyle Page



Poet Carol Rumens recently featured my poem ‘Your Summer Arm’ on her weekly blog for The Guardian.   Here is the poem, and should you wish to witness the gladitorial contest that ensued … the link is below …


Your Summer Arm


Was it an odd sort of cricket

climbing my oak dresser?  No ―                      

an emerald shield bug, you said,

watching as I tried to slide


a piece of A4 paper

beneath its crooked legs.

When a foot caught, and tore,

I thought we both might cry.




Where is grass to comfort that green?

Those sweet, young shoots

I slipped from their sheaths

and chewed with wobbly teeth?


Now, as we curl into bed,

outside in the whistling damp

the husk I dismembered today

begins to decay in the leaves.




This whirring of thoughts,

rustle of pages,

mean nothing to you



Your breathing is so quiet,

I’d hardly know you were there

if it wasn’t for the glowing limb

buried in my hair.



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